The Reason Why The Best Smiles Come From Dr. Naysan

Intuition, insight, and ingenuity still hold critical value even in today’s most technologically advanced industries. And when the two are combined appropriately, they produce unparalleled results.

For instance, in the highly advanced field of cosmetic dentistry, breakthrough developments- such as CAD CAM precision surgery mapping- have certainly raised the industry’s average baseline of performance, leaving only a handful of highly accomplished professionals who are able to take results to next level by virtue of the individual perspective they apply to it.

Dr Naysan Dentist - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Dr. Daniel Naysan D.D.S, director of the Bedford Dental Group in Beverly Hills, is a shining example of such an outlier.

Although his practice is equipped with all the latest dental technology, it’s been his unique perspective that’s earned him recognition as LA’s most trusted celebrity dentist and that has turned his Smile Makeover into the gold standard smile design process within the cosmetic dental industry.

A “smile makeover” is a personalized aesthetic smile design process during which Dr. Naysan works directly with the patient to identify their specific needs and applies a selection of bespoke solutions in order to provide the best results. 

Every aspect of the experience is tailored to the patient´s specific preferences and Dr. Naysan draws insights from many innovative, external factors such as individual facial features, range of complexion, and even mode of personal expression.

Dr Naysan Bedford Dental Group - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

By following this unorthodox, interdisciplinary protocol, Naysan is able to clearly envision a new smile for every patient that’s in accordance with their specific facial features and personality.

Further, before any actual work is done, Dr. Naysan is able to show patients a simulated preview of their “smile makeovers’” outcome.

Dr Naysan Dentistry - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

It’s thanks to the unique synthesis of these complex components- some intuitive and some technical- that Dr. Naysan is able to exceed expectation and architect smiles that embody both the best in technology as well as the most natural version of you.

Dr Naysan Smile Makeover Before and After - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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