When Champagne Meets Jewelry

Mazarus Champagne - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

By taking its name from Cardinal Mazarin and the famous eponymous diamonds, jewels of the crown of France, Champagne Mazarus honors this heritage thanks to its bottle and its exceptional Champagne.

Harvested and produced in Nogent-l’Abbesse, this unique and prestigious Champagne is made solely from Chardonnay grapes, in order to create a Blanc de Blancs with a bright gown and a very expressive floral nose. It delivers in the mouth fruity notes for a style in elegance and finesse, between complexity and balance. Moreover, to give this cuvée an inimitable signature, an aging of four years on slats were necessary.

To sublimate this precious Champagne, each bottle is adorned with a sumptuous Swarovski Crystal®, affixed by hand by our craftsmen, one of the purest and most brilliant in the world. Mazarus is a partner of the Swarovski® branding program, so each of these prestigious bottles has its authenticity stamp from the famous Austrian brand.

Mazarus also offers a unique and exclusive service, that of customizing its bottle in Swarovski Crystals® to include a name, date, symbol and more. Fully handmade, each customization is carried out in the creation workshop located in Amiens.

To find out more : www.champagne-mazarus.com

Mazarus Champange - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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