10 Things to Include in a Client Gift Basket

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It’s always a good time to show your clients how much you appreciate them. And since clients come in so many styles and personalities, the best gift you can get them is an assorted gift basket that will be the perfect present, no matter what their tastes are. Whether it’s a golf-themed gift basket or a chocolate gift basket, your clients won’t be able to wait to dig into the mixture of flavors and textures that greet them when they open the thoughtfully prepared package.

The quality of the items inside is what makes a good gift basket. There are a few items every good basket should contain.

1. Fruit

The whole purpose of giving a gift is to show your clients how much you truly appreciate them. Looking out for their health and their palate at the same time is a fantastic way to show them that nothing means more to you then their health and happiness. Putting a few fruits such as apples, pears, or oranges in their gift basket is a thoughtful way of adding value to a special gift.

2. Cheese Spread

There is hardly any client out there that isn’t in love with a good cheese sandwich, and that is why cheese spread is an essential item to add to every gift basket. These spreads offer phenomenal taste without the effort required to grill a sandwich. Your client will be able to enjoy days or even weeks of creamy cheese simply because you added their favorite spread to their wine and cheese gift basket.

3. Mixed Nuts

Nuts don’t just taste delicious but they are also extremely good for the brain. Your clients aren’t getting any younger (just don’t tell them that!), and placing some carefully selected mixed nuts into their fully-stocked gift basket will not only give them a delicious snack to munch on, but also help strengthen their brain cells.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is an absolute must in any gift basket, and client gift baskets are no exception. Adding chocolate to the basket is just as good as telling your clients how grateful you are for them, without getting unprofessional.

5. Sweetened Nuts

Nearly every client has a favorite beverage. Complimenting beer, iced tea, lemonade, or whatever it is they love, with some Butter Toffee Nuts is a great way to make a client’s wine-time a little more flavorful.

6. Spa Certificates

Offering a spa certificate to a client is a great way to let them know you know how hard they work. Try including in a gift basket a certificate to a favorite local spa, a spa chain that is likely to be near wherever they want to redeem it, or a mobile massage service that will show up wherever your client is.

7. Wine Stopper

There really is no point of a bottle of wine if your client doesn’t have a wine stopper. Consider getting your client a fancy wine stopper along with the gift basket to add a little more class to your client’s evenings.

8. Tickets for a Night Out

Buy your client tickets to his or her favorite game or even reserve him a spot at a fancy restaurant and place the menu in his gift basket. This is an especially thoughtful way to give your client a night out and give him the special treatment that he deserves.

9. Gourmet Soup

Nothing says you care better than a steaming hot bowl of gourmet soup. Ingredients to make a gourmet soup is a delicious option to add to a client gift basket, and it will make your client feel appreciated as he digs in to a delicious meal.

10. Inspirational Decor

Last but not least, including inspirational decor is a great way to show your clients how much you appreciate them. If they work hard and play hard, they can probably benefit from a picture or other décor item that helps them relax and be reminded of the great things in life.

Hardworking clients deserve to enjoy the best. Putting any of these items in your clients’ gift baskets will show them how much you care and taking that extra step will likely make your business relationships even stronger.

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