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Making a commitment to achieve your best life experience always starts with gaining awareness of what lies between you at present and your best mental, physical, and spiritual state.

Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving, hectic world we are constantly bombarded with product ads which offer us momentary convenience and pleasure, yet often trigger bad habits that have the cumulative effect of distancing us from our well-being objectives over time.

A salient example of this vicious cycle most of us live in can be seen with the processed food industry, which has largely become synonymous with contemporary dieting across most US cities.

From coffee in the morning to fast food lunches at restaurants and standard pre- made dinners, processed foods and drinks are everywhere to satisfy our indulgent urges at a cheap price and often with a great taste.

Yet the health affects of diets high in processed foods are alarming. According to Medical News Today (, frequent consumption of processed foods- especially those loaded with high fructose corn syrup- triggers substantially greater risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

So it’s only right that we take a moment to slow down, analyze the holistic wellness and dietary behaviors we’ve been engaging in, and assess if those rituals are bringing us closer to or farther from our optimal state.

For all of those who are ready to enter into this state of awareness and build a roadmap to their ideal life experience, the Non-GMO superfood leader My Karuna presents a thoughtful and compassionate solution.

My Karuna - Plant Based Smoothies

Rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and even digestion boosting prebiotics, My Karuna’s whole-plant smoothies offer consumers optimal choices to power and sustain them through each part of the day.

The x-factor behind My Karuna is that their products function synergistically together to create a well-balanced diet that be consumed unaccompanied by food (if detoxing) or as an integral part of your overall meal regimen.

           My Karuna - Plant Based Smoothies  

Within days of making My Karuna a key part of their diet, consumers report that they feel their body start to lift out of the numbing grip that the heavy intake of processed foods has put them under, and begin to rediscover their raw, natural energy flow and vitality.

In this state, it’s relatively easy to be inspired to make living your best a consistent, daily choice. The problem-as ever- is simply getting there in the first place to feel what it’s like. 

My Karuna presents an understanding and compassionate solution to this difficult first step, so don’t be afraid to take it and reap the awesome results that await.

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