Discover Exclusive One-Of-A-Kind Wines During Premiere Napa Valley Release Week

Napa Valley is one of the world’s most notable vineyard locations and wine producers. Thanks to a naturally incredible combination of terrain, soil, and climate, the region is ideal for growing grapes with a long and warm season that allows the grapes to develop a deep flavor. These fruits are then processed expertly to create some of the finest wines in the world. To celebrate the extraordinary wine and winemakers in Napa, Napa Valley Vintners has introduced an exclusive wine offering – Premiere Napa Valley.

Premiere Napa Valley wines are amongst the most unique wines made in Napa Valley, or anywhere for that matter. Produced in only micro lots (between 6o to 240 bottles) these wines are made specifically for an annual private auction open to members of the wine trade that takes place in February. Whether a blend, single vineyard, single variety or winemaker project, Premiere Napa Valley wines are produced with innovative techniques creating one-of-a-kind wines that are only available in limited quantities, never to be produced again. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the winemaker themselves. Keeping each wine limited in production allows for the winemakers to put extra thought and passion into each lot, creating truly memorable and special wines that are collectible, creative, and incomparable.

Starting November 9th through November 14th, 2020, Premiere Napa Valley Release Week is dedicated to honoring the art of winemaking and these premium blends from some of the most notable vineyards in Napa Valley. During the week, wines from the February auction become available to the buyer in the auction, and thus making them available to customers to purchase. A curated and meaningful collection of Premiere Napa Valley wines can be discovered online via the Wine Portfolio, where you can find more information on the wine type, characteristics, amount produced, and where to buy. A series of Wine Sessions will also be hosted during the week by experts in the industry sharing insider details about the craft.

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