Chef Jesse Schenker Elevates Modern American Cuisine at 2 Spring

Iron Chef winner Jesse Schenker has a way with cuisine that is not easy to come by. His special touch can transform any dish into a world of it’s own. After nearly a decade of experience at restaurants in Manhattan, Jesse has taken his talents for preparing incredible cuisine to 2 Spring.

Across from Town Hall on a quaint village corner in Oyster Bay, Long Island, is a double story brick facade building where you’ll find 2 Spring. While the restaurant blends in seamlessly with the surrounding town, trust us – it is anything but ordinary. A focus on modern American cuisine lends to a constantly evolving menu based on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Through a fusion of classic cooking techniques with just the right ingredients, even the simplest of dishes are easily transformed into elevated masterpieces.

A cozy main dining area is supplemented with seating on the second floor inside and a patio outside. The exposed brick facade lends to an industrial feel that is warmed up by an understated yet luxurious bar, wall mural, greenery accents, and last but definitely not least, the gracious employees who truly make the dining experience memorable. The staff are very attentive throughout the entire evening and always providing a little extra information about each dish and the way it was prepared. Outside the sidewalk patio scene is set with nicely arranged with lights, festive decorations, heaters, and music.

Festive outdoor dining at 2 Spring in Oyster Bay, Long Island New York

No matter the setting, the food prepared by Chef Jesse Schenker can speak for itself. Experimenting with new dishes featuring a unique touch on flavor and texture pairings, each dish that comes out of Jesse’s kitchen is like a true masterpiece. The Sustainable Kaluga Caviar with toast bites and crème fraîche is a perfect starter complimented with a champagne toast. Alaskan King Crab is paired with a mix of squash pickled and diced in a squash espuma. It’s certainly not your typical pairing, yet comes together beautifully for a perfect light Autumn dish. Further embodying the season, fresh and fragrant Italian truffle is shaved over casarecce pasta for an indulgent taste. Fresh seafood and premium farm meats can be expertly paired by the in-house sommelier to delight any wine or spirit lover. With a penchant for beyond the ordinary, 2 Spring is at the top of our list as one of the finest eateries in Long Island.

Sustainable Kaluga Caviar at 2 Spring in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Casarecce with Black Truffle at 2 Spring in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Branzino at 2 Spring

The incredible food and service at 2 Spring is no secret – bringing a devoted following to the restaurant over the past few years. Looking forward, the team at 2 Spring is expanding into the neighboring space to bring an even greater atrium environment along with a unique take on a chef’s table for ultra private and intimate dining occasions. Until then, you can enjoy the constantly evolving seasonal menu at 2 Spring, but tables book quickly so make sure to make your reservation in advance.

2 Spring St, Oyster Bay, NY 11771