Discover This Ultra Luxury iPhone 14 Pro

Caviar Royal Gift is one of the world’s leading ultra-luxury phone manufacturers, creating unique pieces you would never even imagine possible. Due to the iPhone 14 launch, Caviar Royal Gift took advantage of this release and put itself back on the map with the opportunity to create the all-new “Caviar Daytona.” This marvel of design combines a Rolex Daytona directly embedded in the back of the body of the 14 pro, including decorative dials on the instrument panel – speedometer, oil, and fuel indicators. All while cast in 18K gold, painted with jewelry enamel, the phone is primarily made of Titanium coated with black PVD coating used by Rolex to create black dials, cases, and bracelets. Only three phones of this model will be produced, making it as rare as can be. All materials included, Caviar Royal Gift says the price will be at a whopping $134,000.