Eclectic Singaporean Cuisine In New York City

Chili Crab Specialty at Laut Singapura New York City

Following up on the critically acclaimed and Michelin-starred restaurant Laut, chef Salil Mehta introduces Laut Singapura in Gramercy.

Channeling cuisine from several Asian countries, bold colors and flavors are on display across the menu of Singaporean styled dishes. A range of seafood, meats, noodles and rice dishes are inspired by local preparations, plus signature plates like roti prata (flipped Indian pancake served with curry dip) and mango kerabu (a refreshing salad mixture). With curry leaves infused into many plates, you’ll get that irresistible savory and sweet combination that’s not too overbearing. The restaurant interior is bursting with Singaporean flair, including a stand-out painted mural wall by the front window, as a backdrop for a rounded marble table. Exposed brick throughout the interior of the restaurant gives that understated feel, coupled with ornate details in moldings, tile, and other decorative pieces that bring out a creative touch.

A must-try Laut Singapura specialty is their dungeness crab, which is widely considered to be a delicacy in the United States. Holding a more delicate flavor that is slightly sweeter than your typical crab, this prized crustacean is an exceptional signature dish, offered with either Chili or Black Pepper seasoning. The sheer size of this crab species growing up to 9.8 inches across the carapace makes the dish perfect for sharing amongst the table. The experience of cracking open the crab table side makes it all the more memorable, on top of the irresistible flavor. Personally, I would recommend trying a selection of dishes to split amongst you and your guests, to really get a feel for the variety of flavor and preparations of cuisine.

With indoor dining on pause, Laut Singapura has transformed their outdoor patio seating with decorative and heated enclosures that still allow for ample fresh air flow; or enjoy the Singaporean delight from home with take-out and delivery options.

Laut Singapura, 31 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003