Elegant Exotic Handbags by Laurus

Laurus Womens Exotic Luxury Handbags - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Laurus has made a name for themselves through their collections of timeless exotic skin handbags. Their collections are all designed in Milan and then handmade in the Italian countryside from sustainably sourced crocodile and ostrich leathers.

Laurus stems from the Latin word for “Triumph,” a word that encapsulates the feminine strength and tenacity behind the brand.

What really differentiates the brand from others is the focus on function, as much as style, for today’s modern woman. The Laurus brand was created for a woman who is powerful, always on the go, but still wants to look chic and elegant.

Laurus’ bags are truly iconic, each crafted with a variety of crocodile and ostrich leather. The unique scale patterns of each bag make each piece an individual masterpiece to be treasured for decades. Behind each piece lies an interesting story of creativity, design and craftsmanship. But what truly sets them apart are the details. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand with only the highest quality materials, used from start to finish.

Laurus’ vision is to make handbags for women, designed by women, and sold by women. A Laurus purchase is an investment, a rare and unique leather piece that will last from generation to generation.

Laurus Exotic Luxury Handbags - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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