Best Casual Watches for the Conscious Consumer

Despite the digital era where the time can easily be checked anywhere, at any time with the help of a smartphone, buying behavior proves that the watch industry is still alive and well. With trends towards environmentally conscious products, it’s no surprise that company Jord has seen success with their range of casual watches including elements of nature.

From Forest To Fashion

Jord’s debut product line which they are best known for features a collection of exotic wooden watches. Each wood is carefully sourced from various regions in the world for it’s individual properties such as: Koa, a species native to Hawaii known to be one of the most beautiful native hardwoods, Zebrawood which offers a striking grain contrast coming from West Africa (Congo), and Ebony with it’s high saturation and glossy sheen sourced from East Africa (Mozambique). Wood not only has an aesthetically unique appearance, it also makes for ultra light-weight yet durable designs.

Whether you are casual customer looking to make a stylish purchase or a more serious watch enthusiast, Jord offer the best of both worlds – including both Quartz analog display watches and Automatic-Mechanical wound timepieces. Who knew casual watches could also be sophisticated?

More Than Wood

The newest addition, the Sier Arcadia is a selection of 4 women’s watches which feature elements such as white marble and black marquina finished with rose gold, complimented by interchangeable leather or mesh bands.  Each dial is rough cut from white marble and hand polished, making each piece lustrous and one of a kind. This minimalist design adds a feminine touch while staying true to the brand’s nature-oriented appeal.

Beyond traditional watches, JORD offers a variety of styles of leather and wood bands to suit any Apple watch.  They also offer engraving on all of their watches, adding a special personalized touch for you and your loved ones.

Black Palm Meridian by JORD - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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