Koio: A Symbol For Millennial Luxury

One of the most disruptive trends to hit luxury markets in 2018 been at the hands of sneaker prodigy Koio.

Founded in 2015 by German Entreprenuers Johannes Quodt and Chris Wichert, Koio packs ethical manufacturing, Italian craftsmanship, extreme comfort, and cutting edge looks all into an accessible price tag. Their latest release, the fashion runner line Avalanache, shows off the fusion of these diverse qualities quite gracefully.

Koio Luxury Footwear - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


Since its release in September, the Avalanche’s popularity has eclipsed competition due to the fact that it offers the highest quality to price ratio on the sneaker market, accommodating both the aspirational disposition as well as budget sweetspot of today’s millennial customer. 

And for the most discriminating of connoisseurs, certain Koio styles such as the Capri Avio and Capri Castagna offer an a very refined luxury aesthetic that rivals luxury brands priced 5-10x as high.

Koio Footwear - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

With the versatility to accommodate a full customer range as well as an unmatched value proposition, many see Koio as the new obvious choice for luxury footwear and a more relevant symbol of contemporary taste.

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