Equinox Launches $40,000 Longevity Membership for Personalized Wellness

With the new “Longevity” membership at the opulent gym, you’ll be paired with a massage therapist, diet consultant, sleep coach, and fitness trainer.

Equinox’s upscale workout facility provides its members with an expensive new method of reaching their objectives.

According to CNBC, Equinox is introducing a new program called “Optimize by Equinox,” which will provide members with a customized wellness program that includes everything from massage therapy and sleep coaching to personal training and nutrition programs.

Participants in this program will pay $40,000 annually, or $3,000 per month, in addition to their normal Equinox gym membership. A six-month subscription is the minimum duration.

The program will be done in collaboration with Function Health, a startup doing lab tests. Function Health will first perform thorough biotesting on one hundred biomarkers, encompassing the immune system, metabolic, liver, kidney, heart, and liver in addition to nutrients and cancer markers.

Equinox will then conduct its fitness assessments, which will include strength, mobility range, and VO2 max.

Following both sets of exams, the member will work with a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, sleep coach, and massage therapist for 16 hours of coaching per month after an Equinox “concierge” compiles the data to create a personalized plan for them.

The member will work with the trainer for sixty minutes three times a week, and the sleep and nutrition coaches will meet with them for two half-hour sessions each month. Each month, the massage therapist will conduct one session.

Members can test out the Optimize program for the first time in Highland Park, Texas, and New York City. The product will be accessible beginning at the end of May.

The program is set to expand to additional states, and anyone who owns membership will have access to train at Equinox’s prestigious “E Clubs.”

Vice president of strategic alliances and business development at Equinox Julia Klim told Fortune, “Equinox has always been known to anticipate consumer needs and to come up with programs to support them.” “We have been coaching for years, and we are now essentially leveling it by designing around movement, nutrition, and regeneration.”

According to Function Health co-founder Jonathan Swerdlin, “living 100 healthy years doesn’t happen inside of a doctor’s office,” as reported by CNBC. It occurs when you make decisions every day. Additionally, it affects how you work, and Equinox is a great resource for closing the loop on that.

With 107 sites worldwide, Equinox now has plans to build new clubs later this year in Pacific Palisades, California, and Philadelphia.