Fendi Elevates Personalization with “Make Up Your Peekaboo”

Fendi Elevates Personalization

Fendi introduced the iconic Peekaboo bag 15 years ago, and since its inception in 2009, the bag has continuously evolved, embracing new fabrics and silhouettes while maintaining its status as a hallmark piece for the brand. Now, Fendi takes the Peekaboo to unprecedented levels of personalization with its latest in-store special project, “Make Up Your Peekaboo,” offering customers the chance to tailor their own Peekaboo at select Fendi boutiques.

Launching alongside the Women’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, this initiative provides clients with a unique opportunity to infuse their personal style into their Peekaboo bags by choosing from a vast array of premium accessories. Designed to celebrate individuality while staying true to Fendi’s luxurious and playful ethos and the essence of the Peekaboo, this bespoke experience allows clients to select from over 200 possible combinations of charms, straps, and handles crafted from an assortment of materials that resonate with the collection’s aesthetic and color palette.

Highlighted among the offerings are new iterations of the iconic Fendi Selleria 1925, featuring supple Cuoio Romano leather adorned with signature hand-made macro-stitching and a sterling silver plaque. Another standout is the Raffia Interlace animation, showcasing distinctive leather craftsmanship reimagined with raffia yarn, resulting in an exquisite artisanal masterpiece. The collection also features playful statement charms, such as a Pico version of the Peekaboo bag crafted in matching Selleria Cuoio Romano leather, and the new Fendi Fortune Teller charm, adding a whimsical touch to the customized creations.

Completing the accessory range are adjustable Strap You straps featuring the signature FF jacquard motif, along with a new maxi FF diamond metal chain strap available in silver or gold, designed to complement both the Selleria and Interlace craftsmanship styles of the new season. For those selecting the Peekaboo ISeeU Small and Petite models, the project offers exclusive removable handles in intricate interlaced leather, available in plain or multicolored variants, or in precious sculpted mink fur adorned with the FF logo. These handles can be interchanged with an elegant silk wrappy featuring the patterns of the collection, offering another layer of customization.