TAG Heuer and Kith Collaborate to Resurrect the Iconic Formula 1 Watch from the 1980s

Ronnie Fieg, the 42-year-old visionary behind Kith, has fulfilled the nostalgic dreams of every watch enthusiast from the 1980s. Joining forces with TAG Heuer, Fieg has breathed new life into the Swiss watchmaker’s original Formula 1 timepiece.

Debuting in 1986, the Formula 1 Series 1 marked a significant shift, becoming the first watch to showcase the TAG Heuer name instead of the Heuer branding that had prevailed since the late 1800s. Pioneering in its own right, this composite quartz marvel sported a vibrant color palette and a daring design that instantly captivated collectors, including Fieg himself.

“The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1 in red and black was my very first watch, the timepiece that helped me express the unique style that’s now manifested itself in Kith,” expressed Fieg in a statement.

With over 3 million units produced before its discontinuation in 2000, the Formula 1 collection left an indelible mark. Despite a subsequent reintroduction, fervent enthusiasts have long clamored for the reissue of the Series 1. Finally, TAG Heuer has answered their call.

The Formula 1 | Kith seamlessly marries retro aesthetics with contemporary materials and advancements. Paying homage to its 1980s predecessor, this newcomer features hallmark elements such as a form hour hand, a distinctive triangle with a dot at 12 o’clock, alternating shield and dot indices each quarter, and a striking minuterie. TAG Heuer even located the original supplier of the case and mold used four decades ago to ensure authenticity.

The Kith reinterpretation boasts subtle refinements as well. While the original Formula 1s were limited to 28 mm and 34 mm sizes, the modern iteration flaunts a 35 mm case. Moreover, it is adorned with a sapphire crystal, replacing the original plastic variant. Additionally, the watch is offered in a variety of captivating color combinations tailored to appeal to contemporary collectors.

The collection comprises 10 distinct models, featuring a choice between stainless steel or rubber bracelets. Each piece proudly displays a co-branded insignia on the dial, rubber strap, and caseback—a first-time collaboration between TAG Heuer and another brand. Furthermore, Kith’s motto “Just Us” graces the dial.

Seven watches are exclusively available through Kith, limited to 250 pieces each. The label also presents two exclusive models, limited to 350 pieces each, while TAG Heuer offers two exclusives, limited to 825 pieces. Additionally, the collaborative model between the two brands is limited to 1,350 pieces. Remarkably, each timepiece is priced at just $1,500. For devoted Series 1 aficionados, a complete set of all 10 models can be acquired for $18,000.