Porsche and Vitra Team Up for Special Chair Collection

Porsche and Vitra Team Up for Special Chair Collection

Porsche and Vitra, both renowned for their design excellence, have joined forces for a unique chair collaboration. The German automaker and the Swiss furniture designer are crafting a special edition collection that incorporates Porsche’s iconic Pepita fabric.

The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra includes three distinctive chairs: the Eames Plastic Side Chair Pepita Edition, the ID Trim L Pepita Edition, and the Petit Repos Pepita Edition. These chairs are special updated versions of Vitra’s signature models. The Eames Plastic Side Chair was originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames, while the ID Trim L and Petit Repos were created by Milanese architect Antonio Citterio. The Pepita fabric, featuring a houndstooth pattern with small squares and diagonal stripes, first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1965.

“The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra is a symbiosis of the DNA of our companies: iconic design paired with excellent craftsmanship and compelling function,” says Robert Ader, Porsche AG’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The timeless Pepita pattern gives the chairs a very striking appearance, whether in your own living room or in the office.”

The collaboration was revealed at Milan’s ‘The Art of Dreams’ event, which ran from April 16-21. This event provided a perfect platform to showcase the unique blend of automotive and furniture design. The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra will be available online starting April 22, allowing design enthusiasts and Porsche fans alike to own a piece of this exclusive collection.

In essence, the partnership between Porsche and Vitra represents a fusion of their design philosophies, bringing together iconic aesthetics and superior craftsmanship. This collaboration not only celebrates the legacy of both brands but also introduces a new way to experience luxury and style in everyday life.