Introducing Ghost Bottle – Luxury Sparkling Wine

Meet the Ghost Bottle

Ghost Bottle is a Slovenian honey sparkling wine, produced by the company Ugloft. Honey sparkling wine is the culmination of honey drinks and is a great challenge for any beekeeper or a producer of drinks made from honey. The sparkling wine is made using the traditional method, a classic French multi-year process of second fermentation in the bottle. Production requires a great deal of persistence and patience. We use only first grade honey. Ghost is most distinguished by its origin. When bees collect the precious gifts of nature from the flower cups, we can finally start the whole process of making honey sparkling wine.

The story behind the name

Ghost takes its name from the story of Viktor the winemaker. In 1888, the mite Acarina destroyed all his grapes intended for wine production. The next day, Viktor went to his friend. He gave him some of his flower honey for support and wished him good luck. The winemaker got a bit drunk from all the grief and dreamed of his father, who told him, that he shouldn’t worry about it. He’ll survive the winter nevertheless. When he woke up, he noticed, that in anger, he threw a wooden log into a clay pot full of yeast. The pot was shattered and the yeast spilled into a bowl with honey. When he looked into the bowl, he saw fermentation. The exact fermentation, that he was used to looking at from the production of wine from grapes. Thus, Viktor managed to save his family from the poverty. He remembered his father, who visited him in a dream and all of his words every day. He wasn’t sure if it was only a dream or if he really saw the ghost of his father, so he decided to name the honey sparkling wine Ghost.

A special experience

Ghost Bottle is not only a honey sparkling wine. It’s a special, luxurious experience. When the bottle gets the lucky owner, begins the last and the most beautiful part of the long process. We insert the bottle into the packaging, which contains 66 Swarovski crystals, two candle fountains (mostly known as fireworks for the bottle), an LED flashlight and a neon glow stick. When the owner gets the bottle, he first places the glow stick into the container. Then he fills the container with ice. He turns on the LED flashlight and illuminates the logo on the bottle, which turns into a beautiful neon green color. Then he finally inserts the bottle in the container and lights up the fountain. Then, the fun finally begins.


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