Giving Back and Making a Difference: Harmoniously’s Pledge to Promote Equity in Psychedelic Medicines

The psychedelic medicine industry has experienced unprecedented growth as society has become more open to considering alternative options for better mental health and well-being. Harmoniously Integrative Wellness, an emerging leader in the field, is taking it further by providing an equal opportunity for everyone to experience its benefits. 

The Harmoniously team combines their expertise in Clinical Mental Health, Technology, Buddhist Philosophy, and traditional Sacred Plant Medicines to provide holistic healing of mind-body-spirit across different communities that include LGBTQ+ and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Their commitment to leave a positive impact is in light of the alarming rise in depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other traumas.

Seeing a significant gap in healthcare

Led by co-founders Sean Carr and Rachael Duran, FNP-C, Harmoniously is painfully aware of the persistent underrepresentation of marginalized communities in breakthrough research, therapies, and healthcare as a whole. Among the issues they see are implicit bias and stereotypes, as well as unethical medical experimentation and mistreatment. These have caused marginalized communities to lose trust in the healthcare system. For the team, the lack of representation limits the understanding of how different populations may respond to therapies, the potential variations in treatment effectiveness, adverse reactions, and optimal dosing.

Equity is critical to ensuring that the advantages of psychedelic medicines are available to different groups and that historically underprivileged communities are not further disadvantaged in their pursuit of mental health and well-being. Harmoniously aims to address equal access, inclusion, and fair distribution of its psychedelic therapies and substances to all individuals, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, or geographical location.

In this game-changing act to erase this disparity, Harmoniously introduces its 1:1:1 pledge, which focuses on accessibility in psychedelic medicines for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities while promoting equity and giving back as indigenous reciprocity. The virtuous, unselfish approach means donating 1% of Profit, 1% of equity, and 1% of Services to continue promoting equity. 

A unique approach to total wellness

Harmoniously’s unique approach to actively working towards accessibility and inclusivity encompasses individual or group psychotherapy packages. They offer spiritual growth using mindfulness and meditation techniques. An initial assessment, based on a set of questions, helps the company’s doctors and nurses identify suitable treatments and overall wellness goals. It also helps determine if ketamine treatment is appropriate.

The general process starts with a virtual video session with a psychiatric clinician who evaluates whether ketamine therapy is a safe and suitable option for the client. The Harmoniously team collaborates with compounding pharmacies to customize the exact dose of medication, ensuring it’s neither too high nor too low, before securely shipping it directly to the participant’s home. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to work with a therapist, coach, or other wellness professional through an innovative integrative care plan. This plan is expertly designed to maximize the healing potential of treatment with psychedelic medicines.

As the team gains a more comprehensive understanding from a tailored perspective, the treatment efficacy for individual needs becomes faster and better. It also becomes an avenue to engage the community to foster trust again and break down barriers built around healthcare professionals.