The Summer’s Hottest Catch On The Beverage Market Starts Promptly With Happy Hour Tequila Seltzers

This summer, turn your attention to Happy Hour Tequila Seltzers. Happy Hour is, perhaps, the most creative name to hit the seltzer space, with an added twist of Sharp Lime, Grapefruit, Passionfruit, and Margarita. The company is built on sensory experiences and moments “like these”…the ones you wish were captured on film to commemorate and celebrate for years to come. Wherever you are in the world, it’s happy hour somewhere, and the only way to have your moment is to make it entirely your own.

Happy Hour Tequila Seltzers are made with real tequila, real juice & sparkling water and optimal mobility, taking their sporty cans where glass simply can’t keep up. Back in April, Happy Hour poured at Palm Springs Day Club, and at the start of June they supplied Splash House with their tequila-based seltzers to critical acclaim, raising a can against sea breeze and the sonic surge of Chromeo, Armand Van Halen, and Purple Disco Machine, among countless others. The spirit of Happy Hour lives in the botanical purity of their beverages, elevating seltzer standards to a more purpose-driven, carefree arena. Happy Hour works with trusted tequila distilleries to produce a light but energized iteration of the classic seltzer, coming in hot with just 1g of sugar per can and only 99 calories, a gentle contrast to market competitors which are generally heavy with a malt liquor base. This affords a great deal of simplicity in the beverage space, so you can savor the moment rather than sweat the small stuff. 

Your happy hour may look different from the next person, but finding that balance and marking your moment is something we can all get behind. Happy Hour is your co-pilot for sun-soaked beach days, high altitude mountain climbs, late night street tacos, or a book+bev afternoon hanging poolside. Taking that hour for yourself and making the moment something to celebrate begins with our deepest cravings, and sometimes it’s not about making moves but cracking open a cold seltzer until the moment presents itself. 

Having only just broke into the market last year, Happy Hour Tequila Seltzers are quickly making their rounds across the country, stocking household retailers like Albertson’s, Total Wine, and even GoPuff. The company runs on 5:00 momentum, stoking happiness for every hour of the day. Check here for Happy Hour store locations, your moment is just around the corner.