Globally Recognized Multi-Hyphenate Lyubov Tsokolo Takes On Motherhood and Entrepreneurship In Style

Powerful women are entering the business world with total confidence in their strength and determination, eager to succeed on their own. A role model for all young women who want to have a successful career and a happy family is Lyubov Tsokolo – a woman for whom success holds no secrets, being a mother, entrepreneur and producer, she is the co-owner of the SUPER MAMA brand.

UPER MAMA was founded in 2016 by Lyubov Tsokolo and her business partner Natalia Petlyakova. The brand honors multifaceted woman who combine multiple activities: they take care of family life but don’t compromise their work and are constantly focused on learning new things, simultaneously while sustaining authenticity and beauty. SUPER MAMA was created out of the need to create a beneficial environment where women are inspired by successful mothers who fulfill different roles on all levels.  The art of mastering a well-rounded lifestyle, the desire to develop, to be successful and modern mothers that women want to admire, is what inspired the creation of the SUPER MAMA brand.

After years of work, the brand has become an international project that is active in Russia, Dubai, Miami, Monaco and many other corners of the world. The project encompasses a multifaceted approach to community including a magazine, award ceremonies, events, a club and a business forum. Women who want to join this project are supported in creating a platform for self-development, networking with people who think alike, having similar ideas, business plans, interests and dreams. Within the club members receive a detailed business plan, a training program, a system of work focused on attention to details. This combination of services represents optimal and comprehensive guides in all areas needed in the establishment of a versatile life, demonstrating time and again that SUPER Mama is oriented to its customers.

Among the many achievements is the creation of ceremonies where SUPER MAMA, SUPER FAMILY and SUPER KIDS awards are offered in unique locations. On the business forum, there are exclusive experiences shared by entrepreneurs, investors, executives and experts from which all members had to learn, because as they say we have to learn from the experiences of people we want to turn from examples into our business partners.

Future SUPER MAMA events will take place in France and Dubai in the near future. But Lyubov Tsokolo and her business partner have not just created an event or a magazine, but a whole planet of people who think the same that communicate with each other online and offline, with the opportunity to use a multitude of resources to ensure success. Engaging high quality partners and audiences, working only with reputable brands and promoting only products and ideas that have been tested within the brand, SUPER MAMA is climbing one step at a time to an international success like never before. For a complete view of what this brand is all about and what it offers, we recommend checking our Lyubov Tsokolo the successful mother and entrepreneur,  on her website