Golden Concept Collaborates With Mastermind Japan On Customized Apple Watch Case

Golden Concept and mastermind JAPAN have joined forces to release two new streetwear-inspired designs for the “Racing Sport” customized Apple Watch case. These cases, made of either titanium or carbon fiber, are the perfect combination of functionality and personal expression.

The design of these cases exudes a streetwear aesthetic, with a grunge appeal thanks to mastermind JAPAN’s signature black and matte finish. The backplates and buckles are engraved with the brand’s iconic skull and crossbones logo, while smaller engravings of Golden Concept’s logo can be found on the strap and inside of the buckle. The crown is also adorned with black Swarovski crystals, featuring a large one as a centerpiece surrounded by 19 smaller crystals.

In terms of price and availability, the carbon fiber version is limited to just 50 units and retails for $1,599 USD. The titanium edition, on the other hand, will have 150 pieces available for purchase at the price of $1,099 USD each. Both models are produced by HONEYEE and can be purchased through Golden Concept’s website or in their flagship stores worldwide.

As a Swedish luxury brand, Golden Concept is known for providing personalized technology that combines elegance, exclusivity, and prestige. All of their products are made with high-end materials and offer a wide range of personalization options, allowing customers to fully express their individuality and create their own unique piece of art. This collaboration with mastermind JAPAN is just one example of the brand’s commitment to bringing their customers the best in luxury and style.