Holy Crab! Do you love Stone Crab Claws?

Do you love Stone Crab Claws? Well, they now can be delivered right to the front door of your home. Meet Holy Crab Delivery, the company founded with a core vision to bring friends and family together in the comfort of their homes by providing fresh stone crabs (never frozen) from their boats in the Florida Keys, straight to your door in 24 hours. 

Holy Crab delivers nation-wide throughout the United States with overnight delivery, and orders also available for local pick up at their location in Coral Gables, Florida. Not only does Holy Crab provide the highly sought after Stone Crab Claw known for its delicate, succulent taste, and richness in protein, they provide an excellent service and care about what they do. Holy Crab takes pride in the sustainability and preservation of stone crabs, by ensuring their fishermen uphold the standards to only remove one claw per harvest, to top it off! – Holy Crab provides packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

Holy Crab

Exceptional fishermen source their claws daily from the Florida Keys to ensure the freshest claws. The claws are available in four sizes – medium, large, jumbo, and colossal; along with every order comes their branded Delivery Mallet, and their famous mustard sauce which you will want to dip with every piece!  

A quick “How To” breakdown when receiving your claws:
The Stone Crab claw can be broken down into 3 parts—the Claw and the two knuckles. With the mallet, hit the knuckle until the shell of the stone crab has cracked. Peel off the shell, similarly to a hard-boiled egg, and dip the meat into the mustard sauce.

Details to note: Approximately 98% of all Stone Crabs are caught off the Florida coast. The coveted Stone Crab is only available while in season; Remember to keep in mind, stone Crab Season is October 15 – May 1. You’ll be saying Holy Crab, these are good!

Holy Crab Stone Crab Delivery