Impressive Upgrades To Elevate Your Home With Touchstone Home Products

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It is true that there’s no place like home, especially when your home is equipped with accents for comfort and convenience. While there are endless possibilities to add a bit of luxury design your home, we’ve got two simple ideas from our friends over at Touchstone Home Products to elevate your home interiors with a little extra tech, but a whole lot of wow.

Electric Fireplaces

An easy way to update your home interior is with an electric fireplace. Gone are the days when a chimney or gas hookup are required. With a simple wall-mounted application and electrical plug you can add an elegant addition to any room. As electric fireplace specialists, Touchstone Home Products has a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to fit your liking. Many of the electric fireplaces can also be recessed into the wall for an even sleeker look. Added features like Bluetooth functionality, Wi-Fi enabled, flame color options and speeds, and varying heat control with pet-friendly options, you can easily find one that suits your style and set the electric fireplace to fit your mood on any given day. Even if you’re just into the aesthetic, your fireplace can set the vibe without having to engage the heat feature. Personally, we love the idea of adding a linear electric wall-mounted fireplace to a bedroom, as it adds a bit of flair and warmth if desired in the cooler months. There is very little to no maintenance required, so once it’s installed you are all set! Check out some of these awesome electric fireplace installations below.

Touchstone Sideline 100 Electric Fireplace, credit LR
Sideline 100 Electric Fireplace, credit LR

TV Lift Systems

If you’re feeling up for a change, or simply prefer not to have a TV out in the open, Touchstone Home Products has a few tricks up their sleeve (or in the wall I might say) to truly elevate your TV set-up. TV Lift mechanisms have become increasingly popular in recent years and thanks to their discreet placement capabilities, you can turn a fitting wall, cabinet, floor, or ceiling into a hideaway for your TV. Some common locations are for TV’s that would otherwise block a window / view, or in a cabinet at the front of the bed or tub. One of Touchstone’s premiere TV lifts is the patented Whisper Lift® PRO XL TV Lift. This advanced lift is constructed from durable steel for unmatched strength and stability and is powered by a whisper quiet 24V motor. The Whisper Lift® PRO XL TV Lift is equipped to provide the power and durability you need in your TV lift mechanism, while providing advanced features like 12v trigger, IR capability, and ability to set the lift height.

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