Introducing KLIVE Beach Club: The Globe’s First Seven-Tiered Deck Beach Haven, and Indonesia’s Only Beach Club with Michelin-Star Finesse

Imagine a scene where the sea seamlessly merges with the sky, limitless and boundless. September 1st marked the seismic arrival of KLIVE Beach Club, an uncharted sanctuary that boldly embodies a Redefined Stunning Coastal Haven.

Nestled in Bali’s southernmost white sand Melasti beach, KLIVE Beach Club offers a pristine white sand beach, a captivating reef barrier, and unrivaled sunset views. Our biggest aspiration is to establish the world’s inaugural seven-layer deck beach club, as we boldly redefine the concept of paradise through innovation. With seven layers at our disposal, we’re poised to cater to a diverse audience, with each of it telling its own unique story, and together, a symphony of coastal bliss and culinary excellence.

KLIVE stands leagues apart, not as an oddity, but as a complete remix of the beachside cliché. Bid adieu to the trifling sun, sea, and sand. Instead, welcome a harmonious blend of elegance, palate-pleasing performances, and a fresh archetype for an icon. As evidence of our distinction, KLIVE Beach Club boldly displays its status as Indonesia’s debutante and exclusive shoreline haven for showcasing the culinary brilliance of Michelin-starred Chef Florian Neubauer, a culinary virtuoso who sprinkles a touch of stardust to our kitchen antics.

General Manager Ilario Prospero explains a bold vision, “We blend Bali’s laid-back allure with a touch of Michelin-starred brilliance, all set against a breathtaking cliffside backdrop. We elevate standards— both literally and figuratively. The essence of leadership propels us, envisioning the pleasure of savouring Michelin Star-exclusive finesse without the confines of formal attire, all while basking in the ease of beachwear.”

Fenty S. Prawiraatmadja, KLIVE’s Director of Marketing, adds with a defiant smile, “We’re about to transform Bali’s beach club scene. We’re bringing celestial stars to the shore, orchestrating a daring culinary odyssey. Brace yourselves, Bali, for an unprecedented experience!”

At the heart of it all stands Michelin-starred Chef Florian Neubauer, the mastermind behind KLIVE’s gastronomic marvels. He heralds a culinary revolution in Bali’s beach club dining, declaring “This is a dream come true—a feast for the senses right on Bali’s beautiful coast. I’m excited to take on this challenge. Bringing Michelin-star dining to the beach club world, mixing sophistication with relaxation—it’s a culinary revolution. Hold onto your taste buds as our guests get ready to savor the array of flavors we’re about to unveil at KLIVE.”