Lyme Mexico Sheds Light on the Truth Behind Lyme Disease

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To many Americans, Lyme Disease is a confounding illness, with strange and painful warning signs that seemingly appear out of nowhere, and then is vehemently discounted by physicians when a patient seeks help for their frightening symptoms. This disease is the source of a huge medical controversy of ineptitude and misdiagnosis dating back to the late 1970’s, and there only now seems to be a glimmer of resolution in sight, thanks to Dr. Omar Morales, an ILADs certified specialist based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

With the faulty disseminated news that Lyme Disease in its chronic form does not exist, we can only expect the truth to unfold in due time. Mainstream press has begun uncovering the facts and more people are starting to notice their friends and family become inexplicably stricken with serious physical warning signs, both of which have led to the fear of a possible future pandemic. 

For those currently struggling with the disease, it is a devastating reality – a debilitating “new normal.” Battling Lyme disease takes on the aspect of going to war. Along with the Lyme Disease bacteria, most patients face additional challenges of fighting dreaded co-infections that come in the form of other bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, and are contracted simultaneously with the Lyme bacteria, oftentimes when bit by a single tick while outside on a walk. Each co-infection presents separate and distinct symptoms, oftentimes worse than the Lyme bacteria itself and must be treated with separate and distinct therapies.

These insect-borne disease victims are faced with extremely limited resources or treatment options in the United States as very little money is devoted to Lyme research and doctors are told by their affiliate organizations that Lyme Disease can be cured with a quick fix of a two-week course of antibiotics, – which has proven woefully and undisputedly inadequate. Because the disease can manifest in a countless number of ways from gut issues, joint and muscle pain, and hearing and vision problems, and involve the literal “shutdown” of the immune system, it must be treated by “Lyme literate” specialists who treat the disease with an integrated systemic approach.

However, there is hope for the patients of Dr. Omar Morales and he is eager to share his hematological approach on Lyme Disease treatment with the world. From his new state-of-the-art specialty clinic, Lyme Mexico, Dr. Morales delivers promising, result-based treatment to his patients and has witnessed extremely heartening results. He specializes in apheresis—a treatment that involves the exchange of a patient’s Lyme infected plasma with the patient’s own cleansed and treated plasma. As the director of a blood bank, Dr. Morales saw the opportunity to help those afflicted with Lyme disease and apply his hematological experience. The treatments They offers include therapeutic apheresis, IV therapy, antioxidant therapy, catheter services, and parasite inactivation among many others. It has particularly won acclaim for helping treat and cure the insidious co-infections that are often not dealt with properly and completely at other Lyme treatment facilities. 

Dr. Morales, who has been operating his clinic in Puerto Vallarta for the past five years, looks forward to continuing to expose and put an end to the unending onslaught of misinformation about Lyme disease. As thousands of Americans continue to spend copious amounts of money on treatment that fail to deliver results, Dr. Morales hopes to offer a proven alternative and to further help educate those about this mystifying and very serious disease. For more information about Dr. Morales and Lyme Mexico’s available treatments, please visit