Rock Salt: Dining Alongside Phuket’s Best Beach at The Nai Harn

We’ve always had an affinity for beachfront locations – whether that be for living, dining, exploring, or relaxing.  The serenity of ocean waves coupled with the sun and sand can truly make cherished times that much more memorable. Along the southern end of Phuket, Thailand we discovered the perfect destination bringing together luxury accommodation and fine dining right on Phuket’s best beach.  The Nai Harn Resort is a five-star sanctuary hosting exquisite dining at their iconic beachfront restaurant – Rock Salt.

The Nai Harn Resort in Phuket, Thailand

As if the atmosphere doesn’t speak for itself, the accommodations and level of service will not need convincing. Taking exceptional to a new level, The Nai Harn prides itself on housing such a magnificent property with attention to every detail in all that they do. If you’re in search of the ultimate in luxury that Phuket has to offer, this is the place to be. But before sharing what incredible details the resort has to offer, we have to highlight what an amazing dining experience is to be had at Rock Salt.

Rock Salt

A blend of Eastern Mediterranean and North African inspiration come together for a tasteful menu offering everything from freshly caught fish to innovative burgers, classic Pad Thai, tropical cocktails and wines. There is no shortage of options to choose from, with a wide selection of dishes that are quite perfect for the breezy beachfront restaurant. The master behind the menu is chef Mark Jones – hailing from England, with over 20 years of experience in the field.  What started out as a family tradition of learning to cook, Mark has perfectly mastered a curated menu with passion and appreciation for every ingredient in each dish. A stand-out combination would have to be the Gypsy Crab Cake, Fine de Claire Oysters, paired with Whispering Angel Rose. When your dining here in the shade to the sound of the Andaman Sea, choose from the extensive wine menu including expert wine critic James Sucklings’ top-rated picks. Simply put, there is no better way to indulge in your afternoon or evening.

Seafood Indulgence at Rock Salt - The Nai Harn Phuket Thailand - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


Relax at The Nair Harn Luxury Resort - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The Nai Harn

Perhaps the only way to top off a meal at Rock Salt, would be to experience the rest of The Nai Harn Resort. Starting with the main resort grounds, multiple infinity pools and lounge areas overlook the Nai Harn beach and sea-facing landscape. If you’re up for some activity, you can opt for stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, or exercise in the on-site fitness center.  Yet, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without a proper spa session. Bespoke Spa Voyages are exclusively catered to a complete wellness experience that you won’t forget. Even more luxury can be found in the modern yet authentic room and suites, with a choice of mountain or sea views.

If The Nai Harn is not on your list yet, let this be the advice you were waiting for. We invite you to discover more and book your experience at After all, how could you say no to this room with a view?!

Private Patio Luxury Suite - The Nai Harn Resort - Phuket Thailand - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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