Otis Batterbee’s New Luxury Beauty Tools Are a Must-Have For Flawless Glam

Otis Batterbee is a leading luxury lifestyle brand that specializes in creating pro makeup brushes and beauty tools. The brand is known for its high-quality, unique and stylish designs and its commitment to crafting clean, safe, products that are good for you and the planet.

With a background in product design, Otis Batterbee previously designed accessories and products for some of the world’s leading luxury brands. Initially, his breakthrough product line was a range of makeup bags, which were instantly picked up in department stores and sold out in record time.

This achievement spurred the start of the namesake collection, which expanded to a range of toiletry bags, cosmetic cases, and makeup accessories quickly gained a reputation for the elegant and sophisticated products. The brand’s designs are inspired by glamour and luxury, as well as the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of modern design. While Otis Batterbee offers chic beauty tools and accessories, they are also fully committed to sustainability across their company activities.

“The brand is constantly searching for performance-driven sustainable materials, such as the use of recycled ocean plastic which is spun into nylon and used as the lining on all our beauty makeup bags. We use FSC sustainable birchwood on the handles of all our makeup brushes too. Otis Batterbee collaborates with the most innovative makers to reduce the companies environmental footprint. Whilst not perfect, Otis Batterbee are totally committed to making sustainable choices whenever and wherever possible within the 100% recyclable packaging.”

One of Otis Batterbee’s signature products, its range of toiletries bags are crafted from pioneering Vegan leather, which are Peta approved Vegan and cruelty-free. Each bag is designed with the modern traveler in mind, featuring multiple pockets for organization, along with sturdy handles and straps for easy carrying.

Expanding on the existing line, Otis Batterbee has recently introduced new beauty tools to complement these stylish cosmetic bags. The stand-out product from his latest launch is the Rocket Blender Brush, a versatile makeup tool that combines a blending sponge and makeup brush. It’s 2-in-1 design features a pointed latex-free sponge on one end, and a super soft contoured brush on the other with an understated yet luxury metal taupe color handle.  

This multitasking tool is perfect for blending and applying foundation and powder products, and can also be used for contouring. The sponge can be used damp for foundation and concealer application or dry for touch-ups. Overall the Rocket Blender Brush is the ideal on-the-go beauty tool because it is vegan, cruelty-free, and built with professional-grade nylon bristles.

Another great product recently introduced is the Precision Makeup Sponge Trio, a set of high-quality, latex-free makeup sponges with a unique ‘Drying Band’ for fast drying. The sponges have a chiseled edge for precise blending around the nose and eyes and mimic the texture of skin for a seamless finish. The ‘Drying Band’ allows the sponges to stand upright for hygienic and faster drying, which makes caring for this beauty tool a breeze.

Precision Makeup Sponge

In addition to its high-quality and performance driven products, Otis Batterbee remains committed to sustainability and ethical production practices. Furthering it’s commitment to these practices, Otis Batterbee has a recycling program called ‘One Brush – Two Lives’ that recycles used makeup brushes to prevent them from ending up in landfills. The founder’s attention to detail philosophy has gained him many beauty fans including Rita Ora, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Florence Welch. The innovative beauty tools and accessories are a must-have in the powder room or travel bag of any beauty conscious consumer.