Premium Bottled Cocktails

The future of bottled bar beverages is here, with the latest assortment by On The Rocks Cocktails

Dedicated to crafting premium beverages, OTR is committed to “bringing the highest caliber bar concepts to you, wherever you are.”

On The Rocks Cocktails includes three collections – the Signature Line, Craft Line, and Tropical Line.

Each line is comprised of various delicious beverages, all made with the finest ingredients and artfully blended to create the perfect bottled drinks. For all the fruity drink lovers, sip on the OTR “Mai Tai” – a mix of rum, orange, coconut, pineapple and orgeat. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the “Spiced Pear” – blended with unique darjeeling tea and barrel aged gin. Want to keep it classic? Then go with the Signature Cosmopolitan or Margarita.

With their award winning selections, you and your guests will be set for a day or evening of refreshing enjoyment. Did we mention On The Rocks Cocktails are perfect for on-the-go?! (Each drink is individually bottled). Enjoy these beverages as is, or “on the rocks” – pun intended.

Available at exclusive retailers – Visit to learn more.


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