The Ultimate Wine Cellar For Wine Connoisseurs

Incredible Home Wine Cellar by Spanish Cellars
Incredible Home Wine Cellar by Spanish Cellars

The world of wine is full of passionate collectors, connoisseurs, and sommeliers. We’ve seen some extravagant wine cellars in our time, but it was not until we discovered this new wine cellar that we were completely blown away. Spanish Cellars, a custom wine storage company, has developed a one-of-a-kind wine cellar that you surely won’t forget.

Photo courtesy of Spanish Cellars

We’re not just talking about your average cellar room. For starters, the wine cellar is fully built-in to the floor. The entire contraption is built underground to be temperature and humidity controlled, 100% water proof and earthquake proof. To enter, an automated lift door, guardrail and handrail systems with variable speed and built in pressure safety system open up to allow for entry.

The cellar walls and floor are 2 sets of 5” thick walls for a total of 10” thick and 12 feet deep. The walls are built in two sections. First, they dig 6 feet down, place rebar then shotcrete which works as a retaining wall. Then, they dig another 6 feet down, and rebar-shotcrete again. When that’s done there is a smooth wall and floor to work with.

Here is a breakdown for those of you curious about the construction and features of the cellar. The stainless steel cellar design features 3/4” tempered Sapphire glass display windows and rail system. An interior of white concrete blocks are coated with Venetian plaster to prevent stain absorption. There is 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity, with dual wifi connection in cellar through two separate networks to ensure consistent connectivity. A standard depth of 10 feet, with the ability to go as deep as 50 feet. Three layers of water proofing, a battery backup system and carbon monoxide sensors allow the cellar to function as a completely secure storage for your most precious wine collection.

The uniquely design cellar stores comfortably over 2,000 bottles. In the photo below, the cellar is equipped with 2,123 bottles to be exact. 

All 3 size bottle layouts, 375ml, 750ml, and 1.5 L
The spiral entry staircase design (displayed on the left of the above illustration) can lead down to an entire secured cellar room custom built on request.