Top 5 Most Liked Dishes & Recipes – For August 2020.

Here are the top 5 most liked dishes and recipes from chefs around the world featured on our @LuxuryLifestyleCusine channel this month:

1: Pan roasted snapper, buttered, turned potatoes, pea, lemon, and herbs. 
By Chef Oli Harding (@oli_harding)

2: Beetroot tartare, mango yolk, avocado, and buttermilk sauce. 
By Chef @_thegastroart

3: Smoked eel, potato pave, eel skin & chicken stock flames cream jus, fried bread with oxalis, nasturtium, and horseradish cream. 
By Chef Suresh (@eatersmanifesto)

4: Wagyu bavette, summer succotash, and chimichurri. 
By Chef Chris Jay (@see_jay91)

5: Local spot prawns and chimichurri crudo, with serrano pepper, crisp salt, and lemon. By Chef Jules (@julesfood)

Which is your favorite? Let us know if the comments below.

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